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We have both studied the workings of the conscious and sub-conscious minds for the past twenty years together. Being a father - daughter combination we have a shared interest and knowledge base in this area. Much of our time outside The Mind Clinic is spent in deep discussion and continued learning in the power of the mind, the power of attraction/manifestation and how we can use it in the best way possible to help you to create the life you desire.  


Paul Endri DipCAH PNLP

I have been studying the subconscious mind for over twenty years and am still fascinated by the potential of the human mind. I believe that every person deserves a great life, and it is the correct use of the subconscious mind that makes it so, from healing a cut on your finger to achieving breath-taking goals. Helping others to see the benefits of living a positive life by design means a better, stronger, and more well-connected community. Who doesn’t want that? 


I am affiliated with the UK School of hypnotherapy and the NZ School of Hypnotherapy and have qualifications in Neuro-linguistic programming and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Taryn Feehan (Endri) DipCAH PNLP

I see my work as a chance to help clients to understand themselves on a deeper level and make changes to improve their lives, to step outside their comfort zones, so that they can move beyond their limitations. I love it when my clients walk away from a session feeling calm, confident and happy to take on the world.

I am affiliated with the UK School of hypnotherapy and the NZ School of Hypnotherapy. I am a certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic program practitioner and am also a certified practitioner of the content free Blueprint System. 

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Contact Information Paul


email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

Contact Information Taryn


email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

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​"Thank you Paul for helping me find my inner strength in overcoming my personal anxiety of public speaking.  ​The practical strategies you taught me have enabled me to build my confidence, develop an anchor and focus on the positive rather than on my fear.


I will continue to use these tools to further strengthen my confidence with public speaking and in other areas of my personal and professional life.


Thank you for making this process a safe and rewarding one"

    - Michelle

Your blueprint for life