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Changing your mindset to heal your body

"In October last year I didn’t feel well and went to the A&E, There I was told I had metastatic

Cancer, the doctor told me I was going to last 2 weeks. I had a big shock but fortunately one day later the hospital gave a call and told me there was a mistake and the cancer was treatable.

When I went to see Paul for the first time I was panicking, only negative thoughts came to my mind and I was very afraid to die.

The most recent appointment with the oncologist was booked for the beginning of February 2019 and I was told that before seeing the oncologist I was having a chest X ray to check my lungs. Initially I was very worried because some nurses and doctors were treating me as a terminal case. Twice a day, I visualized the oncologist saying to me: “It’s a miracle” and I saw the appointment date on the top.

I had the chest X ray, and when the oncologist saw me, she showed me the X ray in her computer and she said to me: “Amazing! Today’s X ray is almost identical to the one taking in October last year. The only difference is that today’s X ray shows, that one focus of cancer has shrunk”.

Thanks to Paul’s hypnosis and meditation exercises, I am not afraid anymore and I know that I will be here for a long time to come."


We know all to well how it feels to have the burden of a chronic illness/disease, we understand how hard it can be to keep positive and focus on healing. Sometimes it feels as though there is no way out and your mind keeps showing you the worst possible outcomes.


At The Mind Clinic NZ we facilitate sessions to help you understand how to use your mind to heal your body. Being able to recondition your body to make lasting changes in your  health and life. In conjunction with your on-going medical care, we offer assistance with managing chronic illness symptoms, healing auto immune disease, pain management,  mindset transitioning and self-healing.

Repressed emotion and trauma can cause physical and mental dis-ease. Once released, the body and mind can be freed from symptoms, pain and ongoing suffering.  Both practitioners at The Mind Clinic NZ have personal experience and amazing results in this area of expertise. 

Working with us on this will enable you to create the best possible mindset for your body to heal and for you to keep positive throughout your healing journey.

Please contact TMCNZ for more information, 


Please note results for these sessions are not guaranteed, while TMCNZ is confident in its processes,  it does not take responsibility for the outcomes of the client as it is a process entered into by two parties and cannot control the actions of the client. 

Contact Information Paul


email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

Contact Information Taryn


email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

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