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Help with Anxiety

Sessions with Taryn really helped me to move forward with my life and the issues I was dealing with. I felt a lot calmer and more at ease after her sessions and was able to reduce my anxiety medication. Taryn is very understanding and has an easy going manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

   - E.C

When the anxiety gets out of control it can start to impact on different areas of our lives and can sometimes restrict the quality of it, leaving us feeling weighed down, overwhelmed and on the brink of breaking point.


The more you practice anxiety, the better and faster your mind and body get at entering into the anxiety cycle


Our sessions can reduce anxiety symptoms and is something we specialise in at The Mind Clinic NZ. Many of our anxiety clients notice a huge decrease in anxiety symptoms after just one session, leaving them feeling calm, focused and able to handle what ever life brings them. We give you tools and tips to use outside of the sessions also. If you are someone that could benefit from our help with anxiety, contact us today to see if its right for you.

Free relaxation hypnosis recording, designed to calm your anxiety and relax your nervous system

Contact Information Paul


Lower Hutt and Wellington

email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

Contact Information Taryn


Lower Hutt and Wellington

email: themindclinicnz@gmail.com

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