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Its natural and helpful to have small amounts of fear, it keeps us safe, but when the fear grows to an uncontrollable size it can get in the way of things we need or want to do and achieve.  

We are only born with two fears - falling and loud noises. All of our other fears have been picked up or borrowed from someone else, somewhere else or events that happen in our lives.

We can help you to release your phobia for good, leaving you the freedom to do what you want!


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Paul provided a professional and thoughtful approach to hypnotherapy sessions in support of my high anxiety around flying. With the sensitivity of Paul’s questioning techniques, I was able to relax and gain an historic understanding of the root of my fear and how and why it was manifesting itself. Paul taught me the process of anchoring to switch my mind into a positive state. This empowered me to recognise that rather than an experience controlling me, that I was able to control and regulate my own emotional response. The coping mechanisms that Paul taught me have enabled me to comfortably complete 8 flights, to plan future flights and to successfully transfer the technique of anchoring to other areas of personal challenge.


I would highly recommend the professional approach of Paul Endri to others facing personal or challenging circumstances as I have experienced results that are enduring and empowering to many areas of my emotional growth and self-awareness.


- Pauline

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