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Welcome to....

The Successful Rider Series

The Successful Rider Series is your complete system to success mindset in your riding!

Everything you could need to improve your mindset and find the fun in riding again.

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The Successful Rider Series

Fearless Rider

Bust Through The Nervousness & Get Your Confidence In Horse Riding again

Have you had a riding accident that has left you scared?

Do you feel nervous every time you head towards a jump?

Perhaps you don't like hacking out, it doesn't feel safe.

Did you lose that one horse you always felt safe on?

Or maybe you're absolutely fine riding at home, but when you go to a show, it all turns to pieces!

I know you convince yourself there is a reason why you don't need to ride today, when really deep down you're a bundle of nerves. You WANT to ride, but there's just something that stops you. For some reason your legs turn to jelly, your heart races and you feel sick to your stomach.. I know how you feel!

Small amounts of fear is a normal part of horse riding, and actually keeps you safe, until it becomes a negative experience which can prevent you from continuing.  Every horse rider experiences nerves at some stage of their riding journey. But what do you do when those nerves are stopping you from riding?


This 1:1 package was created to allow you to feel fun and freedom in riding again!

With the Fearless Rider package, you will finally be able to ride your horse without feeling nervous!

Confidence in Horse Riding is a groundbreaking package combining hypnosis, IEMT, NLP and mind coaching to help you achieve confidence on horseback. With a simple four session plan, based on the latest mindset techniques, this package will release your fear, increase your freedom, enjoyment and confidence when riding, and have you riding better than ever!

This package is for you if....

- You get nervous in any area of riding

- You have one particular horse you are scared of riding

- You have had an accident that has left you scared

- You have anxiety with horse riding

- You want to feel confident and have fun when you ride

- You want to learn techniques to calm nerves in all areas of your life

- You want to release the trauma created from an old accident

What you get...

- Learn about the acute stress response (Fight, flight or freeze)

- Deep dive into what is actually going on underneath the fear response, and what is causing it. 

- Find your triggers to the fear response, disable them and recode them to positive ones

- Breathing techniques to help you stay calm

- Release any and all old traumas related to riding

- Increase your confidence

- Build an identity of a confident fearless rider for your mind to follow and release the old.

Your investment $450 NZD

horse rider on a beach

Performance Rider

Unleash Your Potential!

horse rider leg and stirrup

Developing a winning mindset is the key to achieving your goals, whether riding with show jumpers, eventers or at local shows, I focus on helping you master your mind for more consistent, positive outcomes with every horse you ride. 

The key to improving your riding and achieving your goals, winning mindset for horse riding, focuses on training your mind and giving you the tools needed to increase your performance levels to allow you to excel! 

I believe that anyone can learn to love, enjoy, appreciate and most importantly, excel at equestrian activities. There are simple yet effective mental techniques that even seasoned riders can use to unblock their mindset so they can continue to extend themselves, and meet their goals more rapidly and easily. 

This package is for you if....

- You are a seasoned rider that has reached a plateau in your ability

- You have a block around increasing your jumping height

- You fall to pieces in the show ring

- You find yourself worried about your abilities

- You want to improve your performance levels

- You want to be able to focus and block out distractions

- You want to build confidence in the show ring

This four session 1:1 package will....

-  Release any old limits and beliefs restricting your performance

- Release and recode and memories that are keeping you stuck at certain level

- Teach your mind how to create a limitless mindset so that you can perform effortlessly

- Teach your mind how to focus on the job at hand, and block out everything else

Your investment $450 NZD

Horse Riding Success Mindset With An Equine Understanding

I am here to help you gain the confidence you need to be successful in horse riding. Not only do I have the skills to help you rapidly change your mindset and build confidence riding, being a registered advanced clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and IEMT specialist.


I first started riding 23+ years ago, and have qualifications in the equine industry.  Including a national certificate in equine studies, riding coaching, riding school and stable management, bringing on young horses, RDA coaching, Equine assisted growth and therapy training, racing stable and stud farm experience.

Train your mindset for success in horse riding with someone that understands!

Taryn Feehan riding a horse in an arena