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Virtual Gastric Band


is NOT a diet and does NOT involve deprivation.

Because diets just don't work!

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About the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis Package

If your previous weight loss attempts have failed, its because it wasn't a lifestyle change, it was a diet.

Diets don't work because they don't change the root cause of the issues stopping you from losing weight.

The virtual gastric band is a world renowned program created by Shelia Granger, it is the only program to have had clinical studies and trials applied, with a 95% success rate shown!


It is a safe non surgical option to weight loss, by using the power of your mind to change your responses to food, and encourage you to be satisfied on smaller portions.

The new habits, and thoughts you will develop mean you can be free from thinking about food all of the time and will enable you to enjoy the food you do eat so much more!

Losing weight 
with the help of the virtual gastric band is easy!

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Virtual Gastric Band Session Information

During the virtual gastric band process you will

- Experience the hypnotic gastric band surgery,

- You will STOP eating those foods that are causing you to gain weight.

- You will STOP emotionally eating and binge eating

- You will gain control over your portion size

- You will gain control over your thoughts and behaviours towards food and exercise

- You will RELEASE your sugar addiction

- You will create a lasting LIFESTYLE CHANGE that will continue long after the program has finished

- You will also have the opportunity to have sessions tailored to your specific needs

This is done over the period of 4 sessions, the initial consultation will take around 1.5 - 2 hours. The following sessions will be 1 - 1.5 hours long. These sessions can be done online or in person.

**You will receive access virtual gastric band support recording (usually $40)

Plus a personalised virtual gastric band support recording (usually $60) on the completion of your program.

Plus recordings of all 4 hypnosis sessions (usually $80)

All recordings will ensure you make permanent change**


Purchase the complete  package here today

for a short period of time for just 

$680 NZD

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