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Contact Information Paul


Lower Hutt and Wellington


Contact Information Taryn


Lower Hutt and Wellington


"In October last year I didn’t feel well and went to the A&E, There I was told I had metastatic

Cancer, the doctor told me I was going to last 2 weeks. I had a big shock but fortunately one day later the hospital gave a call and told me there was a mistake and the cancer was treatable.

When I went to see Paul for the first time I was panicking, only negative thoughts came to my mind and I was very afraid to die.

The most recent appointment with the oncologist was booked for the beginning of February 2019 and I was told that before seeing the oncologist I was having a chest X ray to check my lungs. Initially I was very worried because some nurses and doctors were treating me as a terminal case. Twice a day, I visualized the oncologist saying to me: “It’s a miracle” and I saw the appointment date on the top.

I had the chest X ray, and when the oncologist saw me, she showed me the X ray in her computer and she said to me: “Amazing! Today’s X ray is almost identical to the one taking in October last year. The only difference is that today’s X ray shows, that one focus of cancer has shrunk”.

Thanks to Paul’s hypnosis and meditation exercises, I am not afraid anymore and I know that I will be here for a long time to come."


Paul provided a professional and thoughtful approach to hypnotherapy sessions in support of my high anxiety around flying. With the sensitivity of Paul’s questioning techniques, I was able to relax and gain an historic understanding of the root of my fear and how and why it was manifesting itself. Paul taught me the process of anchoring to switch my mind into a positive state. This empowered me to recognise that rather than an experience controlling me, that I was able to control and regulate my own emotional response. The coping mechanisms that Paul taught me have enabled me to comfortably complete 8 flights, to plan future flights and to successfully transfer the technique of anchoring to other areas of personal challenge.


I would highly recommend the professional approach of Paul Endri to others facing personal or challenging circumstances as I have experienced results that are enduring and empowering to many areas of my emotional growth and self-awareness.

   - Pauline

​"Thank you Paul for helping me find my inner strength in overcoming my personal anxiety of public speaking.  ​The practical strategies you taught me have enabled me to build my confidence, develop an anchor and focus on the positive rather than on my fear.


I will continue to use these tools to further strengthen my confidence with public speaking and in other areas of my personal and professional life.


Thank you for making this process a safe and rewarding one"

    - Michelle

"We would have no hesitation in recommending the talent of Paul Endri.  Paul was sensitive, understanding and showed empathy when working with our 14 year old daughter.  Paul listened to her worries and taught and practiced practical strategies with her to help her overcome moments of severe anxiety.

Consequently she was empowered and successfully travelled to Germany with her school.  She continues to use her strategies in her everyday life.  


We are grateful to Paul and his skills for enabling our daughter to overcome a barrier that could have potentially held her back and to have been able to have experienced a once of lifetime trip"


    - Greg and Lucy

I sought Taryn’s help to minimise a habit of mine that has continued for five years, leaving me very unhappy. Right from the start, Taryn provided a safe and comfortable environment. Her soft spoken tone made me feel relaxed and gave me the ability to enter a hypnosis state to rewire my brain. After one session my habit has disappeared! I never thought that would be possible and I can’t thank Taryn enough. She has allowed me to feel a lot more happier and confident again!

   - Christina

Just wanted to say thank you so much for my session yesterday Taryn. You were so professional but at the same time made me feel completely at ease which was perfect considering I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I feel like I have some great tools to work with and cannot wait for our next session. Will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you!

    - Chloe

Sessions with Taryn really helped me to move forward with my life and the issues I was dealing with. I felt a lot calmer and more at ease after her sessions and was able to reduce my anxiety medication. Taryn is very understanding and has an easy going manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

   - E.C

For a while I was stuck in a really bad place, everything was foggy, heavy and I couldn't find my way out. I reached out to Taryn to see if she could help me, after a few sessions I gained the clarity I needed to begin to get my mind and my life back in control.

   - C.W

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