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Free access to our anxiety and stress relief video series

Stress and Anxiety

Don't know why you're anxious?
Need help finding and releasing your triggers?
Sick of being a victim to anxiety?
Want to feel calm, confident and happy?


Free Yourself!


We know how it feels to have your heart beating in your throat, that nausea in your stomach, feeling shaky and breathless, and sometimes without even a conscious reason!

You've probably tried taking deep breaths, pushing thoughts out of your mind, and perhaps even medication,

and you're still struggling

We do something unlike anything else!

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Free Workshop

Learn how to free yourself from anxiety and stress with this 3 part video series 


We help you to find the root cause of your anxiety and discover your own unique anxiety response, so that we can work together to re-organise your mind, and physical response, allowing you the

relief and the freedom from anxiety you deserve


Anxiety is a completely normal to experience.

In fact feeling anxiety is one of our minds functions to keep us safe. 

Its when anxiety gets out of control that we begin to have problems.

Feeling constant overwhelm and finding it hard to control your racing mind  can make it a struggle to engage in normal everyday life. 


After you come and see us at The Mind Clinic NZ and receive mind coaching, hypnotherapy, IEMT and NLP for anxiety relief,

you will feel more relaxed, confident and calm.

With tools and processes to be able to use in every area of your life. 

We will help you to relieve the anxiety that you are experiencing and release anxiety triggers for the future.

"Before I came to see Taryn, I wasn't really sure what to expect from hypnosis - watching TV made me wonder what I was really in for!  Taryn spent time listening to me and really got to the heart of what I was trying to get help for.  The process was easy and so relaxing.   I came out from the session feeling relaxed and refreshed.  With the follow up sessions, Taryn checked in to see how I was going and made sure I was achieving what I needed.  After 3 sessions with her, I was confident that I was making excellent progress and could manage without any further help." 

-Belinda Hussey


Peace Possesor


When you book this full  package you’re getting immediate access to 


- Calm and Relaxation Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

- 5 x Private 1-1 free yourself from anxiety and stress hypno-coaching sessions

- can be in our office in Petone, Wellington or over Zoom

- Personalised Hypnosis maintenance Audio [Value $60 completed once your goals are set]



Purchase the complete  package here today for $580 NZD


Tranquility Tamer

When you purchase this 3 session package you get immediate access to 

- Calm and Relaxation Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

3 x Private 1-1 free yourself from anxiety and stress hypno- coaching sessions - can be in our office in Petone, Wellington or over Zoom

Total Value: $535

Your investment today - $380 NZD

"We would have no hesitation in recommending the talent of Paul Endri.  Paul was sensitive, understanding and showed empathy when working with our 14 year old daughter.  Paul listened to her worries and taught and practiced practical strategies with her to help her overcome moments of severe anxiety.

Consequently she was empowered and successfully travelled to Germany with her school.  She continues to use her strategies in her everyday life.  


We are grateful to Paul and his skills for enabling our daughter to overcome a barrier that could have potentially held her back and to have been able to have experienced a once of lifetime trip"

 -Greg and Lucy


Stress Less

This single session is for you if...

You've had a stressful time lately , and you just want to release the tension and have a

massage for your mind . 

This single session approach allows you to attain mental and physical relaxation while having the opportunity to book follow ups if needed.

Your investment $145 NZD

Wondering what Mind Coaching actually is? How does hypnotherapy, IEMT and NLP work? 

Check out our FAQ and blog posts for more information

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