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6 ways hypnotherapy can help you lose weight

Can hypnotherapy help me lose weight? This is one of the most common questions we get, and the answer is YES! There are many different parts of the weight loss process that hypnotherapy can help with. The most important thing hypnosis and the other therapies we use, can help with is changing your mindset around healthier eating and exercise.

#1 Hypnotherapy can help to rewire and strengthen the connection between your mind and stomach.

Often the connection between the mind and stomach becomes broken when people continuously over eat. The mind and body needs a reconnect so that you can begin to notice again the physical feeling of being full. Hypnosis can work to reinforce and strengthen that connection and awareness back to its original state so that you can recognise the feeling of being full.

#2 Hypnotherapy can help you with portion control.

Eyes bigger than your belly? But you eat it anyway? The feeling of being satisfied by a small portion gets over run by the old installed belief that we need to eat everything on our plates, or not to waste food. A lot of our clients mention that this is what they grew up being told, and now they sub consciously live by those rules. Hypnosis can help you to lose weight by releasing those old belief systems, so that you can easily cut down your portion size and know its ok to leave food on your plate.

#3 Hypnotherapy can help you to stop eating certain foods.

The mind can find comfort in certain foods, and learns that in eating them you get gratification and its serves you in some way. Hypotherapy can help you lose weight by changing your programming to not enjoy those foods anymore, and to gain that same gratification in a new and healthy way.

#4 Hypnotherapy can help with sugar addiction

Many of our clients are addicted to sugar, did you know sugar can be more addictive than cigarettes! Hypnosis can help you to cut the sugar cravings and instead crave the good and healthy foods that will fuel your body with the right nutrients and support you in weight loss.

#5 Hypnotherapy can help build confidence.

Sometimes people just aren’t confident in losing weight, either they don’t know how, they feel silly at the gym/exercising or they have always been over weight so they aren’t confident and can’t imagine what it would like to be a smaller size. Hypnotherapy can help with this by increasing your confidence levels and helping you to imagine and understand what it will be like when you have achieved your goal.

#6 Hypnotherapy can help increase motivation

Hypnosis can help you lose weight by increasing your motivation to get started! Lack of motivation is a huge reason why loads of people don’t start or don’t continue with a weight loss program. Increasing motivation is essential in order to succeed with your weight loss goals.

Working on your mindset around weight loss will help you to achieve the body and lifestyle that you want, contact us today to get started on your weight loss journey!


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