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Bad Memories 101

We work a lot with bad / negative memories. Most people will have one or more memories that pop into their head at the most random times. Well it seems to be random to them anyway,

What is actually happening, is that the part of the mind that holds that memory has been triggered by something in their environment. It could be something as small as a smell, or a flicker of colour that is the same as in their memory. Your subconscious mind does this on purpose in order to keep you safe and happy. Whenever this memory is triggered it is because your subconscious mind is trying to tell you to be on alert so that you don't have to go through that experience again, which brings us to our next thought....

Why are bad memories so easy to remember?

When we have something negative happen to us, our mind holds on to that memory and event, in order to keep us safe and happy, it also holds on to the emotion that was present at the time of the event. So every time you remember that bad memory, you get the emotion that goes with it, your body responds as if that event was happening right now! The emotional attachment is what makes the memory easy to remember, emotions are far stronger than just thoughts alone.

Can you forget/erase bad memories?

What we can help you to do is to break the emotional connect to the memory, so that when you try to recall the event, you experience it differently. You no longer get that same feeling, and sometimes the visual part of the memory can disappear altogether. Its like you know what happened but you cannot access the visual memory or the emotion any longer.

When this happens, there is no parts to be triggered by the environment around you, so you don't have that memory popping in at random times and upsetting you.

How do you get rid of bad memories?

There are amazing techniques we use, some of them can get rid of bad memories in a matter of minutes! With the use of hypnosis, NLP and IEMT, we can help you to minimize the pain and suffering caused by bad memories, with minimal information about the actual content of the memory, keeping you dignified and feeling safe. This can also be extremely useful for trauma sufferers, we do not have to go over and over the traumatic event, and we don not need to know any content of what actually happened, we can just help you to release the emotion attached so that you can let go of the memory.

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