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Tips for Getting Over a Past Relationship

Letting go of past relationships is a different story for everybody, some people seem to get it over it very quickly and others may take longer, holding on to 'what was' and 'what could have been'. There are many, many cases of families being split and separated couples sharing children, sometimes not under the best circumstance. Situations where an overbearing spouse continues in that nature after the marriage has ended, and the other spouse continues in the same victim role, completing the cycle over and over until something eventually snaps.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to look back at a past relationship, and be able to see, instead of animosity and negativity, in-fact what you learned from that situation, what it taught you about yourself, what you are willing to put up with and what you are not. What were the strengths that relationship bought out in you? and what you otherwise would not know without those lessons? What would you do or not do again in a future relationship?

Being able to look at a past relationship from a different point of view can add a lot of

value to your life in the present moment, if you allow it. Letting go of limitations a past partner may have placed on you could be the freedom you are looking for. Some people don't even realise what they are still carrying around from previous relationships until they come in for a session with us!

Top Tips for getting over past relationships

1. Clear our your space of anything that reminds you of negative parts of your old relationship.

2. Start new habits and connections with people.

3. Find things to be grateful for everyday.

4. Exercise!! Get your endorphins going.

5. Be your own best supporter, nobody knows better than you, what you need!

6. Set up boundaries for yourself, what you will and won't accept in your life.

7. Create goals for yourself, things that make you happy and excited for life.


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