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Hack your identity to be who you want to be!

I'm going to share something with you, that I usually only do in one on one sessions with my clients, that can be incredibly transformative for them. Hi, I'm Taryn. I'm a clinical hypnotherapist IEMT therapist, and NL P practitioner. I help people move from frustration and anxiety and anger and all those lower vibe emotions into the person that they want to be. That calm. confident person.

The first thing that you need to know is that we have multiple identities in our life. For example you might be a parent, you might be a brother or a sister. You might have a husband or a wife. You might be a boss. You might be a worker. There's all these different identities that we have within our one life, and we show up differently in each of those identities.

You wouldn't act like the same way with your parents as your relationship with your workers, if you are a boss would you? Those two identities are very, very different. And within each of those identities, we also have our own identities and the way that we see ourselves. So usually we have I, Me, Self and You. If you think about that in a sentence, you say things. like...

"I was telling myself the other day that I really shouldn't be doing that anymore. I get so frustrated and I'm being really hard on myself." So within that sentence, you've got two different identities, the I and then Myself. So, what you can do, is listen to how you speak about a certain subject that you are feeling stuck in, and you can listen for the identity structures

that are stopping you from being where you want to be.

For example, "I am holding myself back". Who is the I? Where is the I? and why is it holding Myself back? . They're two different identities.

(Here's a hint. Usually I is holding Myself back for a positive intention. Usually it's a protection mechanism)

If you want some help figuring out your identity structures and where you are stuck, book a session with me today! We can break this down quickly and rebuild an identity that you are excited to step in to!


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