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Why can't I stick to a diet?

When I first started getting into the world of dieting and exercise, I didn’t succeed. Much like the majority of the clients I have now. It took me a long time to figure out what I was doing wrong, why I could never stick to it and felt like a failure. Let me explain the things I’ve learned that kept me, and my clients in a endless cycle of diets and failure.

You see it as a short term thing, a ‘diet’

Are you someone that dreams of all the food they will eat once their diet is over? You despise the thought of a diet but you’re so desperate to lose weight and feel better that you try anyway?

To make losing weight easy and effortless there needs to be a commitment to lifestyle change. When you think of the word diet it implies a restriction you put on yourself, for a certain amount of time, to get the result you want. But what happens when you reach that goal? You go back to the way things were before, expecting a different outcome! Thinking of it as a lifestyle change to healthier habits, will not only ensure your mindset for success in the long run, it will spread out to the rest of your life, increasing your healthy behaviours all around. It becomes effortless because, it becomes simply part of your life.

Emotional eating

People feed their feelings. Comfort food comes in all different shapes and sizes, the common factor is that it provides a feeling of comfort, if only for the short term. When you don’t address the emotions causing this type eating, it contributes to the failure you experience. Failure then leads to more feelings of self doubt, lack of confidence and confirms the beliefs that you can’t do it. Which makes you feel like comfort eating, which leads you straight back into the cycle…. And failure! And I hear you saying….’but how!? How do I address those emotions? ‘ - take a look at our blog post on emotional eating and what to do about it here.


The subconscious mind is completely habitual, and runs consistently to those habits. This means that when you have built habits with food into your lifestyle it can be extremely hard to break those habits (without the help of hypnotherapy of course!) Failure comes when you haven’t prepared for those times of habits, with new, healthy ones to put in place. A lot of these habits will be completely unconscious, and therefore hard to find! If you want to start investigating yours, have a listen to our audio training here.


It can be so easy to stray back to old behaviour’s and food when you haven’t sorted out your environment. Especially if the rest of your family, or your work place aren’t eating the way you want to, or aren’t supportive in your new lifestyle. Its SO important to take that into account when you’re setting yourself up for a successful lifestyle change. Take some time in advance to think about your ideal life, food, time to exercise, space to cook etc. Also to truly decide whether you can make a commitment to yourself and your health, above anything else.

The best way to ensure success in your healthy habit lifestyle change is to of course come and visit us at our hypnotherapy clinic in Wellington. We offer something like no-one else, we use hypno-coaching to support you on your journey to weight loss, inner and outer health and wellness, by helping you to understand the things that are keeping you stuck, and finding freedom in building your new healthy lifestyle!


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