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We understand what it is like to be stuck in emotional and physical discomfort, feeling like there is no way out. 


We also know exactly how to help find your way back to confidence, clarity and calm.


We want to help you to feel yourself again!

Every session is unique and specific to you, as every person is different and may require different approaches. Using hypnosis, N.L.P and other various methods as tools to be able to influence your sub-conscious mind from the deepest level, can bring about transformation in your life, leaving you feeling more comfortable, capable, confident and all round amazing!

Visit us at our clinic at 57 Cuba Street, Petone, Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Can you help me with...?

We often get asked what it is we can help with. There are so many different things that can be achieved when you change your mind, you can change your life!

If you are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, emotional issues or insomnia then The Mind Clinic NZ is definitely the right place for you to come.

The best thing to do is send us an email or have a free 15 minute, no obligation, phone consultation to find out how we can help you with your issue.

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Paul Endri

​I have been studying the subconscious mind for over twenty years and am still fascinated by the potential of the human mind. I believe that every person deserves a great life, and it is the correct use of the subconscious mind that makes it so, from healing a cut on your finger to achieving breath-taking goals. Helping others to see the benefits of living a positive life by design means a better, stronger, and more well-connected community. Who doesn’t want that? 

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Paul Endri DipCAH  PNLP

Co-founders of TMCNZ

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We have both studied the workings of the conscious and sub-conscious minds for the past twenty years together. Being a father - daughter combination we have a shared interest and knowledge base in this area. Much of our time outside The Mind Clinic is spent in deep discussion and continued learning in the power of the mind, the power of attraction/manifestation and how we can use it in the best way possible to help you to create the life you desire.

We are both certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy, and are affiliated with the UK Academy. We are also both qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Pracitioners and continue on our studying and research of the minds workings. 

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Taryn Feehan

​I see my work as a chance to help clients to understand themselves on a deeper level and make changes to improve their lives, to step outside their comfort zones, so that they can move beyond their limitations. I love it when my clients walk away from a session feeling calm, confident and happy to take on the world.

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Taryn Feehan  DipCAH   PNLP


Recent blog/video posts


- Jay Mita

"In October last year I didn’t feel well and went to the A&E, There I was told I had metastatic

Cancer, the doctor told me I was going to last 2 weeks. I had a big shock but fortunately one day later the hospital gave a call and told me there was a mistake and the cancer was treatable.

When I went to see Paul for the first time I was panicking, only negative thoughts came to my mind and I was very afraid to die.

The most recent appointment with the oncologist was booked for the beginning of February 2019 and I was told that before seeing the oncologist I was having a chest X ray to check my lungs. Initially I was very worried because some nurses and doctors were treating me as a terminal case. Twice a day, I visualized the oncologist saying to me: “It’s a miracle” and I saw the appointment date on the top.

I had the chest X ray, and when the oncologist saw me, she showed me the X ray in her computer and she said to me: “Amazing! Today’s X ray is almost identical to the one taking in October last year. The only difference is that today’s X ray shows, that one focus of cancer has shrunk”.

Thanks to Paul’s hypnosis and meditation exercises, I am not afraid anymore and I know that I will be here for a long time to come."

- L.B
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