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Are you ready to achieve your goals and dreams? Do you want more success? Imagine the life you’ve always wanted. Allow us to help you make your dreams a reality!

High Performance Hypno-Coaching

High Performance Hypnosis Coaching

is designed to help you  unlock your potential and achieve your goals. Use the power of your mind to help you achieve your dreams and goals.


 Discover the quickest and easiest way to generate the motivation and drive you need to activate your personal power, supercharge your performance and create a more happy and fulfilled life.

You probably feel like you’ve done everything, tried everything - from self help books, seminars, coaches, programs - we offer you something different. 

Something that is centered around the most important aspect of change,


That’s why we've created the hypno coaching packages. So you can learn how to access the full potential of your mind and body.

We teach you how to recognise your own unique unconscious blocks, those things that are SO unconsious, you probably haven't even realised they are there. 

We help you to dissolve those old limits, and create a strong new foundation for your performance levels to grow

Whether its business or pleasure, sports or lifestyle, we can help you to rewire your mind and body for high level success!

Whether its your casual golf game that needs improving, your mindset to increase your business to the next level, or your professional sports performance that you want to excel, we can help you sky rocket that performance with your mindset for success!  


High Calibre

When you book this full  package you’re getting immediate access to 


- High Performance Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

- 5 x Private 1-1 Performance and lifestyle hypno-coaching sessions 

- can be in our office in Petone, Wellington or over Zoom

- Personalised Hypnosis maintenance Audio [Value $60 completed once your goals are set]



Purchase the complete  package here today for $580 NZD

At The Mind Clinic NZ we use a blend of hypnosis, NLP and coaching to overcome limiting beliefs, optimise performance and achieve goals.


High Performance

When you purchase this 3 session package you get immediate access to 

- High Performance Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

3 x Private 1-1 Performance and lifestyle hypno- coaching sessions

- can be in our office in Petone, Wellington or over Zoom

Total Value: $535

Your investment today - $380 NZD



This single session is for you if...

You've thought long and hard about where your performance issue, and you know what needs to happen. You just can't seem to get there!

This single session approach allows you to streamline your goals while having the opportunity to book follow ups if needed.

Includes immediate access to

- High Performance Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

Your investment $145 NZD


Achieve  high performance in business, sports and lifestyle. Most people experience a boost in confidence, improved self-esteem and increased productivity as a result of their hypnosis sessions.

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