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Hypnosis for Weight-Loss

- With the added bonus of mind coaching, NLP and IEMT for accelerated results!

Weight loss success is 80% mindset and 20% diet and exercise.

If you have tried many times to lose weight but failed, then hypnotherapy for weight loss may be the right choice for you. Hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people and can help you too. If you don't get your mindset sorted, around the way that you eat and why you eat that way, you will find it harder to succeed with weight-loss. 

Do you think its hard to lose weight? Perhaps you are able to lose weight but then something happens and you put it all back on again, or maybe you have a sugar addiction?

We can help you to dig deeper to understand your eating and exercise patterns, this will enable you to change your habits resulting in much easier weight loss. Giving you the freedom to lose weight quickly and easily. 

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss we can also help you to stop eating or craving certain types of food and to deal with any emotional reasons you may be craving unhealthier types of food.

Need help deciding which weight loss package is for you? Just contact us for a free phone consult

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Achieve your weight loss goals and take control of your life, using hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching

Single Session

Already know what is keeping you stuck?

This single session is for you if...

You've thought long and hard about where your weight issue lies, and you know what needs to happen. You just can't seem to get there!

This single session approach allows you to streamline your goals while having the opportunity to book follow ups if needed.


Your investment $145

Emotional Eating Package

Are you someone that instantly reaches for the sweet stuff when something upsets you, or when you are stressed?

This is the package for you!!

This 3 session package allows the opportunity for you to work through all the emotions and stress that are keeping you stuck in an emotional eating response.

We release any old trauma that is still causing am emotional response within you, resulting in you reaching for the unhealthy food.

We find and recode any old belief systems, and generational patterns around eating and exercise, allowing you the freedom and motivation to succeed with your weight loss goals.

We create a new healthier version of you, and build support mechanisms within your mind and identity to sustain the ability and resilience to keep on track with your journey. 

Your investment $350 (That is saving $85!!)

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Full weight loss package 

5 sessions where we cover all of the underlying reasons why you might not be achieving the results that you want. 

This package is for you if....

- You are lost as to why you can't stick to your weight loss plan.

- You feel like you are overwhelmed with everything weight loss entails

- You need need help with over eating, emotional eating and habitual eating.

- You want to stop eating specific foods and get rid of the cravings

- You want to create a whole new identity of a healthy, fit version of you!

We take everything from the emotional eating package and also...

Stop the cravings

Release the sugar addiction

Strengthen the mind body connection (feeling full)

Shrink the portion size

Get rid of the old habits

Install new healthy habits and behaviour's

Empower your well being by balancing food, exercise and mindset 

Your investment 

$580 (That is saving $145!!)

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"We would have no hesitation in recommending the talent of Paul Endri.  Paul was sensitive, understanding and showed empathy when working with our 14 year old daughter.  Paul listened to her worries and taught and practiced practical strategies with her to help her overcome moments of severe anxiety.

Consequently she was empowered and successfully travelled to Germany with her school.  She continues to use her strategies in her everyday life.  


We are grateful to Paul and his skills for enabling our daughter to overcome a barrier that could have potentially held her back and to have been able to have experienced a once of lifetime trip"


    - Greg and Lucy

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