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Weight loss success is 80% mindset and 20% diet and exercise.

If you don't get your mindset sorted, around the way that you eat and why you eat that way, you will find it harder to succeed with weight-loss. 

Do you think its hard to lose weight? Perhaps you are able to lose weight but then something happens and you put it all back on again, or maybe you have a sugar addiction?

We can help you to dig deeper to understand your eating and exercise patterns, this will enable you to change your habits resulting in much easier weight loss. Giving you the freedom to lose weight quickly and easily. 

We can also help you to stop eating or craving certain types of food and to deal with any emotional reasons you may be craving unhealthier types of food.

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"We would have no hesitation in recommending the talent of Paul Endri.  Paul was sensitive, understanding and showed empathy when working with our 14 year old daughter.  Paul listened to her worries and taught and practiced practical strategies with her to help her overcome moments of severe anxiety.

Consequently she was empowered and successfully travelled to Germany with her school.  She continues to use her strategies in her everyday life.  


We are grateful to Paul and his skills for enabling our daughter to overcome a barrier that could have potentially held her back and to have been able to have experienced a once of lifetime trip"


    - Greg and Lucy

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