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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Because they ignore the one key thing that can change it all


If you’re looking to achieve an ideal weight, stop emotional eating, improve your relationship with food, change to healthier habits and don’t want to do it all again, only to lapse back into old habits - we get it!


You probably feel like you’ve done everything, tried everything - from supplements, diets, workouts, exercise regimes - we offer you something different.

Something much easier and yet much more powerful!


Enquire today  by booking a free, no obligations, phone or zoom consult


Weight loss packages with or without the virtual gastric band

are NOT a diet and does NOT involve deprivation.

Because diets just don't work!

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

​If your previous weight loss attempts have failed, its because it wasn't a lifestyle change, it was a diet.

Diets don't work because they don't change the root cause of the issues stopping you from losing weight.

If you've had previous attempts at using hypnotherapy or the virtual gastric band for weight loss, but they've failed 

- it is simply because the root cause of your weight loss issue was not addressed.

Our weight loss sessions are different. They address the root cause and then tidy up the rest!

They can include the virtual gastric band (of tighten up of the band if previously installed) and are perfect for you if you are 

- over eating

- have sugar cravings

- emotional eater

- bad food habits

- not motivated to exercise or eating well

- have tried the virtual gastric band before with other practitioners and it has stopped working

- stalled weight loss

- anxiety around losing weight

- eating in secret

- negative body image

- stress eating

- boredom eating

- lack confidence

- lack control

- addicted to energy drinks

- finding it hard to drop post partem weight


It is a safe non surgical option to weight loss, by using the power of your mind to change your responses to food, and encourage you to be satisfied on smaller portions, healthier food and changing your lifestyle.

The new habits, and thoughts you will develop mean you can be free from thinking about food all of the time and will enable you to enjoy the food you do eat so much more!

Session Information

During this process you will have the opportunity to work through 

- Experience the hypnotic gastric band surgery (if needed)

- You will STOP eating those foods that are causing you to gain weight.

- You will STOP emotionally eating and binge eating

- You will gain control over your portion size

- You will gain control over your thoughts and behaviours towards food and exercise

- You will RELEASE your sugar addiction

- You will create a lasting LIFESTYLE CHANGE that will continue long after the program has finished

- You will also have the opportunity to have sessions tailored to your specific needs

Enquire today  by booking a free, no obligations, phone or zoom consult

weight loss

Losing weight 
with the help of your mind is easy! 

Still have questions?
Book a 15 minute free phone consult

Kristen Douglas

Before working with Taryn I struggled not only with eating habits and addiction to energy drinks, but with a top notch ability to be easily distracted and procrastinate as a result. I felt I knew what I should be doing but just couldn’t seem to break the habits or tune out from the distraction. 


Taryn is amazing, she made me not feel comfortable in a setting that was quite unfamiliar to me, she listened without judgement, explained everything well and supported the wins along the way.  


After completing my sessions, my eating habits have changed, reaching for healthier snacks when a snack is needed, eating more regularly and  energy drinks are a thing of the past. I can also now focus, loud discussions or noises around me don’t distract me to the point of procrastination, I am more focused and productive.  I feel better than I have in years!!! 


If you are considering trying hypnotherapy for yourself, I cannot recommend Taryn enough

Greta Dawson

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