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Get  3 easy steps to weight loss, healthy habits and lifestyle

Eating Healthy Foods

We know the best way to 
lose weight and create
healthy eating habits & lifestyle

Virtual Gastric Band 
Hypno - coaching


Because they ignore the one key thing that can change it all



If you’re looking to achieve an ideal weight, improve your relationship with food, change to healthier habits and don’t want to do it all again,

only to lapse back into old habits - we get it!


You probably feel like you’ve done everything, tried everything - from supplements, diets, workouts, exercise regimes - we offer you something different.

Something much easier and yet much more powerful, that you can access from anywhere, anytime.


That’s why we created our Hypno Coaching, and Virtual Gastric Band packages. So you can 



When you book this full  package you’re getting immediate access to 


- Start right Weight loss Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

- 5 x Private 1-1 Lose Weight and create healthy habits hypno-coaching sessions

- can be in our office in Petone, Wellington or over Zoom

- Personalised Hypnosis maintenance Audio [Value $60 completed once your goals are set]



Purchase the complete  package here today for $580 NZD


Unpack the trunk

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Dump the rump

When you purchase this 3 session package you get immediate access to 

- Start right Weight loss and healthy habits Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

3 x Private 1-1 Lose Weight and healthy habits hypno- coaching sessions - can be in our office in Petone, Wellington or over Zoom

Total Value: $535

Your investment today - $380 NZD

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The more you look inside, the more information you’ll have, and then you can start to work on yourself. You’re never stuck, there are always options and opportunities to use what’s happening to you as a gateway to get out of the problem - you just need to go in and through to get out.

- Taryn


Inclusive in all sessions is a personalised structure, and the opportunity to experience not only hypnosis, but also Integral eye movement techniques and neurolinguistic programming. We will use whatever technique's that suit your situation best.

Imagine what it would be like to say good bye to low energy levels and release those old cravings. To start fresh everyday with more energy and zest for life!

Healthy eating and healthy habits just become a normal part of your life. 

This single session is for you if...

You've thought long and hard about where your weight issue lies, and you know what needs to happen. You just can't seem to get there!

This single session approach allows you to streamline your goals while having the opportunity to book follow ups if needed.

Includes immediate access to

- Start right Weight loss and healthy habits Hypnosis Audio kick off [usually $40]

Your investment $145 NZD


Already know

Everybody has different sub-conscious reasoning for the way that they eat and how (or not) they exercise. We all have different limits, and blocks in our mindset (usually that we are completely unaware of).

That's why it is SO important for you to have the right advice, and  session's that are structured specifically FOR YOU!

Wondering what Mind Coaching actually is? How does hypnotherapy, IEMT and NLP work? 

Check out our FAQ and blog posts for more information

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