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Be curious about what you are afraid of...

When you take the time to break down your fears, to really look at it from different angles and pull them apart, there are multitudes of learnings within them. We are only born with the fear of falling and the reaction to loud noises. You've never seen a baby cry at the sight of a spider, or get anxious about taking a plane ride, have you?

By looking at your fear, not only can you begin to understand where you picked it up or 'borrowed it' from, you can learn alot about yourself and the way do things also. Does the fear actually stem from somewhere else? Maybe its not actually a fear of what you think it is, maybe its rooted in another area of your life. For example it is very common to get a client that comes in with a fear of public speaking, but the actual root of the fear turns out to be something that had happened to them in public when they were very young, something that they had forgotten all about! Once that event is recognised and healed, the fear is instantly dissolved.

Instead of looking at a fear as a limiting structure in your life, begin to look at it as a key to learning more about yourself. The more you pull the fear apart, the more space there is for you to begin to understand, and break the fear down. Eventually you can release it all together.

Maybe it came from an event that happened, or maybe you just picked it up from someone else when you were younger and forgot it was actually never yours in the first place. A small amount of fear is healthy and normal, it keeps us safe. Its when the fears are left to run riot in our minds and grow out of control, that creates the problem.

Check out our Fears and Phobias page to book a session to release your fears.


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