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Break your emotional cycle

When you enter into an emotional state, most likely your doing it sub-consciously, meaning your accessing a previously practiced and programmed response, stored in your sub-conscious mind. This response begins from a thought, and from there the emotional and physical reaction is triggered. If the emotion is coming from a thought that triggers fear, as anger and anxiety do, then your heart may begin to race, your muscles tense, your voice might get louder, temperature rise etc. The behaviour and actions that come from this emotional response trigger more thoughts, beginning the cycle again. Sometimes your brain flips a switch to take you into fight, flight, freeze, survival mode. This survival mode was extremely useful back in the cave men days, when faced with serious threats to their lives on a daily basis, but now in the 21st century, when there is not such a huge need for that, it can cause a few problems if you don't know how to break that cycle.

Luckily we have a the perfect technique to bring you back to the present moment, breaking the cycle. As soon as you notice you have entered an undesired emotional state, turn your attention toward your breath. Place a hand on your heart center and breath from there. Notice the length of both your inhale and exhale, see if you can equal them out. Then see if you can extend them a little throughout the breath cycle. Noticing and acknowledging the slight pause and stillness between each breath. Do this for a few minutes and very quickly you will notice your heart slows and your body and mind will relax, bringing you back to your desired calm state.

Check out our Facebook video for guidance through the technique.

The only time you breath in this way naturally is when you are falling asleep, you feel safe, secure and content. So by using this technique to change your emotional state you are effectively telling your mind and body you are safe, secure and content. The more that you notice your emotional states and carry out this breathing technique, the more natural it will become for you. The time between your emotional response and your ability to calm your state will become faster. Eventually it will become your new programming, you wont have to think about it anymore, it will just happen. You will have change thee neural pathways in your brain and begun to create your reality the way you want it to be.

Have a look at our guided video to go through the process yourself.


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