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Hypnotherapist or hypnotist?

What is the difference between a hypnotist and a hypnotherapist?

Well it truly depends on who you are talking to! Some people will use both names to reference the work that they do. There is no ‘right answer’ for this question. Here at The Mind Clinic NZ we tend to view it like this..

Hypnotists in NZ

are people that use the state of hypnosis for entertainment. If you’re thinking of stage hypnosis you’re on the right track. They are the ones that use the most theatrical ways to get people into hypnosis, because that’s what looks good on stage right!? Hypnotists encourage the people to do funny things for entertainment purposes. We often get asked by clients if they are going to be clucking like chickens in our office, our answer is always…. DEFINITELY NOT!

And that is because we define ourselves as hypno-THERAPISTS not hypnotists.

Hypnotherapists in NZ

are people that are trained to use the state of hypnosis for therapy. We access the sub-conscious mind through hypnosis to help people to make massive changes in their lives. Hypnotherapy for weight loss, phobia cure, anxiety relief, sports performance, insomnia and habit change are just a few of the things we help clients with, in our office. The setting for hypnotherapist office is much different than a hypnotist on stage. In our hypnotherapy office in Wellington, we offer a space of calm and relaxation for our clients to feel comfortable and at ease, enabling them to make the changes they are wanting to see in their lives.

How do I find a hypnotherapist in Wellington?

Finding a hypnotherapist in Wellington NZ is easy, there are many to choose from. Have a look through the rest of our website to see if we offer what you are looking for, send us an email if you’re not quite sure of have any questions you want to ask. We are always happy to help our clients and answer any questions to make you feel more at ease about the process.

If you are wanting to inquire as to the price for hypnotherapy in wellington, also feel free to contact us for more information.



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