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Navigating Life's Journey: Balancing Safety and Freedom

Core values are like those rock-solid beliefs that spell out what truly matters to us, no denying it. Now, in the world of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), think of these values as the magnets that either pull us in or push us away in our day-to-day. They're the deal-breakers, deciding whether we're heading towards something we want or giving it the old "nope, not for me."

Core values are things like safety, love, honesty, honour, loyalty, reliability, responsibility, freedom, adventure etc. They are the foundation of our behaviours and are inner motivators. If you want to change your behaviour, but have values that contradict the behaviour you want, you will not succeed. You will not be able to maintain your new behaviour for long. Only if your values support your behaviour will you be able to change your life permanently.

So, in life's intricate dance, core values are basically the invisible forces shaping how we see things and make decisions. They're the ones making the call on whether we lean more into safety or break free into the realms of freedom, essentially steering the ship on our journey.

In life we often find ourselves torn between the yearning for safety and the desire for freedom. As individuals, our core values shape the lens through which we perceive the world and navigate its complexities. For many, safety and freedom stand as pillars of paramount importance, yet the interplay between these values can create inner conflict and disruption.

In this blog post, we'll explore the profound impact of core values, particularly safety and freedom, on various aspects of life. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, we'll uncover strategies to harmonize these values and unlock their transformative potential.

Understanding the Dynamic Duo: Safety and Freedom

Safety and freedom often emerge as the top core values for individuals, reflecting deeply ingrained needs for security and autonomy.

The pursuit of safety entails seeking stability, predictability, and protection from harm, while freedom embodies the quest for autonomy, choice, and self-expression.


The Tug-of-War: Balancing Safety and Freedom

Striking a balance between safety and freedom can be challenging, as they may appear at odds with each other.

Inner conflict arises when the pursuit of one value compromises the fulfilment of the other, leading to feelings of stagnation or restlessness.


Harnessing Core Values for Personal Growth

Discovering and aligning with core values, such as safety and freedom, can catalyse personal growth and holistic well-being.

Embracing safety provides a secure foundation from which to explore and embrace freedom, fostering resilience and confidence in navigating life's uncertainties.


Impact on Relationships, Business, and Weight Loss/Physical Change


Neglecting our core values can really hit us where it hurts. It doesn’t just get you down; it can stir up a whole bunch of issues. But here's the silver lining – it's also a chance for some serious growth and change.

When you dive into people's value systems, it's like unlocking the secret code to a win-win situation. Imagine a scenario where both parties are on the same page, respecting each other's values. That right there can make or break a relationship in the long run.

You know how relationships can turn into a game of emotional tennis, right? Agreeing, disagreeing, and pushing back – it can get exhausting. Even if your partner's values do a little dance with yours, throwing in some small acts of kindness (without ditching your own values) can be a simple yet seriously powerful alternative. It's like changing up the game to break the cycle.


People with safety as a core value may prioritize stability and trust in relationships, while those valuing freedom might seek autonomy and independence.


If you're the one in charge or have some sway in the business, it's super important that what you do lines up with what you believe in. People are way more likely to jump on board with you if they see you walking the talk. Which you will be able to do when your values line up with your actions.

Values have this magical power to light a fire under people. You can create a real sense of camaraderie, get others moving, and hit those goals by tapping into shared values. It's all about highlighting why they matter, turning them into fuel for inspiration, and making sure your actions align with those values.


Balancing safety and freedom influences entrepreneurial endeavour’s, impacting risk tolerance, decision-making, and motivation.


Examples of safety v freedom

  1. Weight Loss Journey: People valuing safety may struggle with weight loss due to fear of failure or discomfort with change, while those valuing freedom may resist restrictive diets or routines that impede autonomy.

  2. Entrepreneurial Pursuits: An entrepreneur valuing safety may hesitate to take risks or leave a stable job, while one valuing freedom may thrive in the flexibility and autonomy of self-employment despite uncertainties.

  3. Adventure Seekers: Those prioritizing adventure may feel stifled by mundane tasks in daily life, seeking freedom in exploration and novelty to satisfy their core value.

In the tapestry of life, safety and freedom intertwine as guiding forces shaping our experiences and choices. While their interplay may present challenges, embracing and harmonizing these core values can unlock a path to personal growth, fulfilment, and authenticity. By recognizing the impact of safety and freedom on various aspects of life, we empower ourselves to navigate the complexities of existence with resilience, purpose, and joy.


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