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Want Eternal Happiness?

In this day and age our society is seeming to be more and more irresponsible for themselves and their well being. We are relying on and occasionally blaming other people and material things outside of ourselves as our source of happiness or possibly the source of our unhappiness.

Let me ask you this..... Where is it that you FEEL happiness? Is it in those material objects? Can another person come up to you and say 'hand over your happiness, I'm taking it away' ?

The answer is no of course not! You FEEL happiness on the inside, inside your mind and inside your body. So why is it that we continue to search for it on the outside of us?

Sure, acquiring material items can bring us joy, but that joy is short lived, until the next material thing comes along.

What if you could have unwavering happiness, calmness and positivity no matter what happened outside of your body/mind?

What if the source of your happiness and calmness came from INSIDE you? Imagine being able to face challenging situations with ease, grace and calmness, wouldn't that be fabulous!?

Well guess what!? It absolutely is possible!!

Have you ever heard the analogy of your mind being like a garden? Any negative thought is like a weed that could be pulled out and tossed away, leaving only the positive beautiful garden to grow . It all begins with noticing. Noticing your thoughts, your patterns and what it is that you want to achieve. Humans get good at things by practising. From the moment you are born, you are practising, walking, talking, your whole life is about practising and learning. So be more vigilant with you thoughts and with your mind, PRACTISE being happy and positive. You will find that the more you practise, the more it will come naturally and easily.

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