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How to succeed with your New Year resolutions!

On the eve of a new year many people make resolutions to be better in some way. Maybe it’s to exercise more, lose weight, maybe it’s to save money or to study harder. Either way these resolutions, or promises to themselves are more often than not, forgotten or dropped soon into the year. It is as though people think the start of a new year is almost like a new beginning of sorts. ‘New year, new me’ is said over and over again, but really what has changed overnight?

The only way to actually succeed with these resolutions is to change the structure of the previous habit (such as eating a certain way, procrastinating at study etc) at the very root, which is in the mind. Trying to change your habits on the surface level of ‘doing’, will have a limited length of time before failure, the mind will always revert to what it knows and what its practiced at doing, the body and habit will follow. Unless your mind is ready and willing to make the change, at the deepest level possible, you will not do the work needed to succeed.  

There is a positive intention behind every habit or way of being. You may not even consciously know what that positive gratification is, but if you can find out, you have a much greater chance of succeeding with the change you want to make. Being consistent and putting in the work is also part of it, but unless you access and change the subconscious programming, it is much harder to follow through. 

So this time as you sit down to think about the new year and what you want to achieve, just take a moment to access your present life and what you’ve learned from it so far, to think about the habits you have currently and what you actually get out of them. You may increase your chances at success with this year's resolutions!

Steps to success

1 Find the positive intention behind your current behaviour or habit.

2 Find a new, healthier way to fulfill that positive intention.

3 Be consistent and work hard!


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